We love puzzles and board games - Checkers is a favorite! We watch old movies like “Sound of Music” and television shows such as “Andy Griffith” and “I Love Lucy” and we really enjoy westerns! We reminisce about what we enjoyed doing when we were growing up - the ole fishing hole, being in the military, going to school, the good old days and even what we used to eat! We even try out “old-fashioned” recipes! We celebrate birthdays and holidays. We have cook-outs and groups come to visit. Our Sunday School Class meets each Sunday afternoon. We stay busy!!


Activities are provided that are appropriate to the needs of the individual residents. Activities will be changed or adapted as necessary to encourage the participation of the residents. Our activity calendar is posted in the hall across from the office and includes but is not limited to gardening, bird watching, Glamour nails, social activities, crafts, puzzles, bingo, etc. Resident input is encouraged when the calendar is planned