New residents who are admitted to Home Place Senior Living shall have a physician’s report of physical examination completed within 30 days prior to admission on forms provided by Home Place Senior Living. The physical examination must clearly reflect that the resident has a diagnosis of probable Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementia and has symptoms that demonstrate a need for placement in specialized community. The physical examination report must establish that a potential resident for our community does not require 24-hour skilled nursing care. Companions or spouses of potential residents are eligible for admission to Home Place Senior Living but they must meet the non-Alzheimer’s requirements for admission. These requirements can be obtained from members of management. 

For Admission, a potential resident must:

  • Be ambulatory 
  • Be free of communicable disease 
  • Be able to feed themselves 
  • Be continent 
  • Be mentally stable 
  • Not require continuous medical or nursing care 
  • Have a local primary physician 
  • Comply with medical plan of care 
  • Be able to have needs met by our staff 
  • Be compatible with other residents 
  • Comply with the Rules and Regulations of Home Place Senior Living